L A R R Y - C L A R K . N E T

unofficial website

Translation in progress : go to the french website

This site is dedicated to the photographic work of Larry Clark. It attempts to collect comprehensively photographies by Larry Clark.

You can contact the team by sending an email to contact@larry-clark.net. he idea of this site is to be a place of exchange: If you have photos, texts, links to complete the site, you can send them by email.

Do not forget to subscribe to the website's mailing-list to receive informations about the latest updates.

The translations to english are in progress. You should visit the website in french for now.

For all the photos reproductions : Courtesy of the artist, and galleries : Luhring Augustine, New York - Simon Lee Gallery, London - Larry Clark, Adam, Marfa, TX, 2011 © Larry Clark - Luhring Augustine, New York et galerie du jour agnès b..

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